628481, 11 Druzhby narodov St.
Kogalym, KhMAO-Ugra, Russian Federation

About the Town

Kogalym’s history began with the landing of geologists who found huge deposits of oil and gas in Western Siberia. The first discovered oil fields were Povhovskoye and Vatjohanskoye. In March 1976 a flag was installed at the site of the future Kogolymskaya station, and on April 17 the first house on the station was founded. In 1977, the village was given the name «Kogalym», the number of its population at that time was 1046 people.

Kogalym developed rapidly, and in 1981 the first brick house was built. On August 15, 1985, by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, the village of Kogalym was granted the status of a town. A year later the construction of the airport «Kogalym» began.

Today Kogalym is a young modern city with developed infrastructure and innovative production. Living and working conditions ensure a steady annual increase in the population, which, according to 2019 figures, numbered over 66,000.

Kogalym is accessible by both road, rail and air. Kogalym Airport is in 4 km from the city centre. The airport provides scheduled flights inside the country. The Sverdlovsk Railway connects the town with the cities of Surgut in the south and Noyabrsk and Novy Urengoy in the north.

Kogalym is connected to the cities of the autonomous region by road. The town is bordered by the Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk districts and is located in 959 km from Tyumen, 470 km from Khanty-Mansiysk, 179 km from Surgut, 337 km from Nizhnevartovsk.

The city is climatically similar to the regions of the Far North. The climate is extremely continental, harsh and characterized by rapid changes in weather conditions, especially during the transition periods from autumn to winter and from spring to summer.

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