628481, 11 Druzhby narodov St.
Kogalym, KhMAO-Ugra, Russian Federation

Kogalym is called the Pearl of Western Siberia. In a little over 30 years he has acquired his unique architectural style. Sculpture compositions and monuments give it a special color. A total of more than 20 of them can be counted in the city, each of them reflecting the history of Kogalym and the values of its inhabitants.


The Drop of Life

The sculptural composition «The Drop of Life» is a gift from the oil industry to the residents of the city in honor of the 10th anniversary of the oil company «LUKOIL». The opening took place in 2001. The author of the composition is the people’s artist of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrey Kovalchuk. Bronze sculpture in the form of a drop symbolizes the enthusiasm and hard work of the oilmen for the people, for their dignified life and the well-being of new generations. The stylized edges of the oil droplet present scenes from the life of the taiga city - the newlyweds, the khants in the national clothes, the oil industry.


The Perl of Western Siberia

Close to the hotel guests of the city can see the sculpture composition «The Pearl of Western Siberia». This monument was set in 2007 and has become a true symbol of the city. It symbolizes Kogalym’s success in socio-economic development. The phrase «Kogalym is the Pearl of Western Siberia» is quite common in the mass media and various print media.


Stella «For the Western Siberia Conquerors»

The ceremony of the opening of the monument, which is a gift from the oil company «LUKOIL», took place on 16 September 2014. The architect of the monument is the famous Swiss architect Serge Gabatuler. The monument is made of two symmetric steles with eternal fire on top of the composition. It represents the importance of the oil and gas industry for humanity. A flame blown by the wind makes the monument dynamic.


The Mother-bear with Cubs

Opened in September 2011. This is a gift to the city of the president of the oil company «LUKOIL» Vagita Alekperov in honor of the 20th anniversary of the oil company «LUKOIL». For citizens, this composition is a symbol of strong family ties, longevity and wealth. The gift is also symbolic because the heraldic symbol of our city is a bear. The sculpture composition was created by the artist of Russia sculptor Andrei Kovalchuk.

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