628481, 11 Druzhby narodov St.
Kogalym, KhMAO-Ugra, Russian Federation

Religious Organizations

In Kogalym, people of different cultures and faiths live side by side peacefully. The religious buildings of the city are particularly magnificent and beautiful - the white Temple complex of the Patriarchal Yard of the Pyukhtinsky Saint-Assumption Stavropigial Convent, the Cathedral Mosque and the young Temple of the Holy Martyr of Tatiana.

The Patriarchal Yard of the Pyukhtinsky Saint-Assumption Stavropigial Convent

The temple complex is the true treasure of Kogalym. The compound includes a cathedral in honor of the Assumption of the Divine Mother (with the entrances in honor of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Saint Tikhon of Moscow and the martyr Basil of Mangazeisky, the Icons of the Mother of God «The Favor of the Dead»), as well as a bell tower (with a bookstore). There is a water-cooled chapel and two residential buildings. One of the residential buildings adjoins a one-domed crucifixion temple built in the tradition of the Pskov-Novgorod school of church architecture of the late 17th century. The main temple was built in the 17th century Pskov-Novgorod style. Icons of the main iconostasis are written by the best masters of the Trinity-Sergius laurels in the canonical manner of the 16th century. Iconostasis includes 58 icons.

The shrines of the temple are: a cross with a particle of the Vital Cross of the Lord, the Tolg icon of the Mother of God (a list of the 18th century given to the temple by Vagit Yusufovich Alekperov), an icon with particles of relics of the Saints Tikhon and Innocent Moscow, the holy Nechtary of Aeginian and Reverend Hermann of Alaska, an icon with a piece of relic of the Reverend Sergius of Radonezh, an icon with a piece of relic of the Saint John of Tobolsk, a potential with a piece of relic of the Reverend Grand Duchess Elisaveta, a potent with particles of relics of 50 saints.

Address: Kogalym, 3 Ugorskaya St. Website http://podvorie-kogalym.cerkov.ru/


The Temple of the Holy Martyr of Tatiana.
The Temple of the Holy Martyr of Tatyana was built on the project of the famous architect Andrei Obolensky, who participated in the reconstruction of the Church of Christ the Savior and implemented more than 50 projects of the temple complexes in Moscow and other regions of Russia. Funds for the construction of the new temple were allocated from the charity fund «Lukoil». The height of the temple from the base to the cross is 48 meters.

The painting of the walls and vaults was performed by Tomsk iconographers in the Serbo-Byzantine style, the concept was developed by the members of the Union of Artists of Russia Sergey and Julia Astafurovs. The main theme of the stenography of the lower chapel was the stories from Life of Peter and February, Epiphany of Russia, the upper - Last Supper, Ascension of the Lord, Presentation, Divine Phenomenon. Conditions for the stay of low-mobility groups of the population have been created in the temple. Eleven bells have been installed on a two-level belfry. The Moscow Kremlin ringer Konstantin Mishurovsky tuned the bells.

In the temple there is a special shrine - an ark with the relics of the martyr Tatiana. In front of the temple there is a well-organized square. The church was consecrated by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on September 9, 2018.

Address: Kogalym, 12 Komsomolskaya St

+7(958)157-69-02 Website http://hram-tatiany-kogalym.ru/#


The Cathedral Mosque

The Cathedral Mosque complex was opened on 7 January 1997. The cathedral mosque was built by the Turkish firm «Lukova» in the style of the Turkish school of mosque construction, internal decoration was also decorated by Turkish artists. The construction was financed by the oil company «LUKOIL». The complex includes: Cathedral mosque with minaret, residential house, Friday school, bookshop. In the Cathedral Mosque there is a manuscript Koran, dated to the beginning of the 12th century, presented by CEO of «LUKOIL» Vagit Alekperov. It is the only historical Muslim relic in Ugra.

Working hours: Dayly 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Address: Kogalym, 10 Yantarnaya St.


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