628481, 11 Druzhby narodov St.
Kogalym, KhMAO-Ugra, Russian Federation

City Museum Centre

City Museum Centre was created by the union of two organizations - the Museum of Local History and the Museum of Fine Arts.

The open exhibition space of the museum reveals the unique picture of the North - the flowing northern lights and the richness of nature as symbols of the movement of the human conqueror of the North. The Yermak`s Strug, the railroad car and the pioneer tent allow us to pass through the history of this mysterious land.

Equipped with the latest multimedia equipment, the museum offers an opportunity not only to visit the past but also to look to the future. The Interactive Program Hall and the 5D Cinema Hall allow viewing of stereo films with special effects and dynamic moving platform; the screen using live 3D tags allows to build an oil field and a city in virtual space. In the Hall of Recreational Science, you can test the laws of physics and do the experiment yourself.

Working hours: Wednesday to Sunday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Address: Kogalym, 40 Druzhby narodov St.

7 (34667) 2-88-58 Visit Website http://museumkogalym.ru/

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